The Horton Design look is neither traditional nor contemporary. Our interiors are a fusion of styles, periods and cultures that exude a sense of history and patina while remaining clean, fresh and young. High quality goods, interesting fabrics, unexpected accent pieces and fresh color palettes are hallmarks of the Horton Design style. We seek to add whimsical and worldly touches to every space, whether it be a lacquered chest, an ivory inlaid table or an amusing lamp. We believe that everyone should experience the joy of living with things they love.

Sourcing items from antiquity to present day, we strive to give our clients the perfect balance of classic, urban, traditional and modern elements to fit their tastes and lifestyles. Our rooms are never overdone, predictable or fussy. They are sophisticated and handsome, yet comfortable, unpretentious and planned out with practicality. Our goal is always a timeless space that will defy labels and endure ever changing trends.

Our firm’s services and experience are comprehensive – from architectural consultation and construction supervision to space planning and accessorizing – we take on projects large and small with the same attention to detail and quest for ultimate livability. We recognize that the requirements of each client are unique – so we listen and gain complete understanding of personal needs and preferences. We believe that meticulous client service and honest communication are paramount to the success of any project.